Monday, March 16, 2009

Garage sale!

garage sale at UP Village

People come and go, choose and buy at our garage sale.

male buyers

Our male buyers are a bit disappointed at the displays (they're mostly for women).

female buyers

Our female buyers, on the other hand, are quite happy.

sample tee shirts

Sample tee shirts. This is Teks old shirt.

deb advertizes

Deb is enjoining people to come and visit.

Together with some “very” helpful friends, Oki and I organized a garage sale at UP Village during the weekend. The purpose of which was to gather some funds for charitable works. Oki’s initial plan was to buy some school supplies in time for the opening of the school year and buy food to feed street kids. We always passed by the Philcoa area and it is always filled with kids begging for money. Instead of giving them money, we wanted to buy them food and fill their stomach (even for a day).

After, a whole day of selling used clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories (mostly women’s), we collected a sum of 3,000 pesos. Some friends from the office, after knowing our little activity, promised to chip in some amounts to support our good cause.

Baka may gustong mag-donate dyan, tumatanggap pa kami! :-D


Anonymous said...

brilliant idea rayts! :) continue the good works..:)

Ferdz said...

Parang ukay-ukay din. :P

What a noble cause. You guys will do this directly or me charitable org to help you guys out?

Photo Cache said...

what a coincidence; since spring is coming up i thought i'd gather all the older but very usable clothes and stuff we have at home and have a garage sale. hubs said we'll wait for our church to hold a big sale so we can just donate everything to our church.

great intentions, fellow blogger. may your tribe increase.

my gulch said...

>thanks jess!

>Ferdz, ukay-ukay kase kulang na kami sa hanger. hinakot na ata namin lahat ng hanger sa bahay, hehe. we'll do it on our own. marami pang natira na damit kase isang araw lang naman kami nag-benta so Oki thought of donating the remaining clothes to Charitas Manila. They are accepting used clothes as donations also. :-)

>@photo cache: that's really nice. thanks!

Anonymous said...

good job with the charity-thing.

Crim =)


paoruiz said...

gusto kong bilhin yung nasa 3rd photo. =)

my gulch said...

salamat Crim. mabait talaga ko sa totoong buhay eh. alam kong alam mo yan. sana makasama ka sa susunod. :-D

@pao: third photo? yung 2 babae? baka 4th photo, hehe. oo nga, gusto ko din yan eh kundi lang na-identify ko na masayado yung shirt na yan sa dating may-ari.

Anonymous said...

oo nga. i had a wild idea last sunday na, "lumuwas kaya ako?". kala ko kayo lang ni Oki ang gagawa nun. dami naman pla kau.

actually, ang alam ko, mabait ka MINSAN. wahaha! sige, hanap din ako ng iggarage sale dito. just tell me if when ang next time -

Crim (NOT logged-on, thankfully)

Anonymous said...

hmmm... sana makatulong din ako sa mga less fortunate kids kahit sang araw lng hehe

my gulch said...

@Crim: "mabait ako MINSAN"...salamat sa "MINSAN" at least may "MINSAN" hehe. baka next year na uli yung susunod. dami pa actually natura eh, donate na lang daw sa Charitas. dami din nagbigay.

@jess: kaya mo. kahit sa ibang paraan kaya mo. goodluck sa lahat. :-D

the donG said...

galing rayts! kakatuwa kayo. disappointed nga yung mga lalake kasi para lang sa kanilang mga asawa ang mabibili nila.

my gulch said...

thanks Dom! nakakatuwa ba talaga kami? hehe. disappointed nga pero yung isang mama, nakabili ng shades na malufet so okay na din.

the donG said...

astig! pati shades pala binebenta nyo. hehehe... kaya lang baka naman pambabae nabili niya.

my gulch said...

Dom, unisex naman. parang aviator sunglasses ng Ray-Ban. Kaso yung nabili nya, "Ban-Ray" hehehe. mukhang happy naman siya kase 20 pesos lang naman benta namin.

pieterbie said...

Deb looks like a great bubbly person. Great idea this!
I'm jealous of the way you people live in T-shirts and shorts. Over here I'm doubting about switching to a less warm coat.

kyels said...

That's a brilliant idea! We don't really have garage sales here but most of the time whatever that we have and don't want anymore - we will send it to charity houses.


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