Friday, March 13, 2009

Sunflower season


Sunflowers are not native to the Philippines but it can thrive in its soil and agro-climatic condition. These giant sun-loving flowers can grow up to 12 feet with head up to 3 inches wide. The common and recommended variety of sunflower in the Philippines is the hybrid type, which grows up to 105 days after planting. That was according to an expert who I have interviewed for an article that was assigned to me.

Anyway, I took interest in sunflowers when I first saw a line of them upon entering the UP Diliman campus one time. They have the University Avenue beautified in time for the commencement exercises which usually happens in April. There are no sunflowers yet today, but we have some in front of our office. I let my eyes feast on them whenever I have the chance. I find it therapeutic looking at them. Really.

I am not really a fan of flowers. But I like sunflowers. I am addicted to their smell, which is as bad as not liking flowers all together. I like looking at their big heads. When you think about it, they are not really that awesome of a flower, well compared to roses or tulips but well, their size amazes me.

I admire them for being yellow and eye-catching. Also, sunflower is a classic example of heliotropism, an involuntary response of plant to the sun. It turns its head directly to face the sun and reorients overnight to wait for the rising of the sunrise. So, early dawn, looking at them in a vast area of a sunflower field, they look all drooped and weak. Now, that is really something to admire for.



Anonymous said...

very informative :)kaya pala sunflower tawag sa flower na to.. :)

Photo Cache said...

WE grew the giant ones a few summers ago and I've been around them often, BUT I never really realized they have smell!!!

Kyels said...

I don't fancy flowers too but like you I like sunflowers. They have this enigmatic aura that can make me happy.


redge said...

Di ko alam yun ah. Very informative indeed. Dito naman sa Baguio parang damo lang ang wild sunflowers sa dami.

the donG said...

very beautiful shot! lovely summer coming in.

pieterbie said...

Mmm, this reminds me so much of my holidays down south, in the south of France or in Italy where you have the sunflower fields.
Great shot, the limited depth of focus really gives this one something extra.

my gulch said...

mismo. galing no? nakakatuwang makakita ng isang malaking plantation ng sunflwower tapos nakayuko lahat kase walang araw. sa CLSU madaming sunflower. they are using it as source of biofuel.

@photo cache:
they have! and they smell good (well at least for me, they are). even their stalks have that distinct smell.

yea. sunflower and their "sunny" outlook. a very good vibration to have these days.

wow. talaga. lagi ako sa Baguio pero bihira naman ako makakita, hehe. baka ibang variety yan. maganda yung malalaki yung ulo.


thanks for noticing. :-D

Anonymous said...

where can i buy sunflowers already placed in a pot?i'm planning to have it as a wedding giveways.

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