Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I will capture a drop of rain and give it to you

just drop everything for a drop of rain

The weather in Manila right now is scorching hot. I tried standing on the street at 2pm in the afternoon with no umbrella and literally, I melted like an ice cream. Too much exposure to this kind of harsh weather is deadly. I have always thought that I could survive a very high temperature. Compared to enduring a very cold weather, I have always thought I have enough resistance to battle the heat. That’s what I thought.

So imagine the smile on my face when it poured yesterday. Really, every drop of rain on the window was a delight to watch—a feast to my yearning eyes!



kyels said...

I don't really like it when it rains b/c sometimes it can get really depressing for me. I love when it's scorching hot and I know it sounds crazy ... ;p

This is an awesome composition. Love the clarity of the droplets!

pieterbie said...

Terrific shot!
Great how rain can be a blessing.
It rained this morning when I went to work, I cursed.

The Scud said...

ganda ng shot! did you take that pic?

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