Friday, April 17, 2009

Mma-mma-my Fiona :-)

fiona smiling

all smiling for the camera

fiona feeling comical

Fiona: Woot! Woot!


Meet my niece, Fiona. She's now three and she's already a poser. Children grow fast these days so I guess I have to ready myself already because a few years from now she'll no longer be "my little girl".


Anonymous said...

cutie patootie ni Nana.


Jim said...

naks all smiles. baka modelo yan paglaki. :)

Photo Cache said...

really cutie pie. don't we just wish they remain at this age forever.

my gulch said...

onga eh. medyo maldita lang minsan lagi kami nag-aaway. (patulan daw ba talaga ang bata hehe)

ito yung bata na napaka-creative gumawa ng mga poses at di napapagod, hehe.

@photo cache:
yea, i wish they could remain like that.

the donG said...

witty and beautiful! may pinagmanahan kaya?

pieterbie said...

They grow fast indeed.
Pretty girl, two very pretty portraits!

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