Thursday, April 2, 2009

Potipot 02: The slipper that was washed ashore

first there were two

At first, there were the two of them. complete. inseperable. in sync.

the other pair is going away

Things happen, one has to leave. And the pair was broken.

washed ashore

It was washed ashore. Slowly. In their lull moments, it happened.

one pair is floating

...and so there was only ONE.

I was like this slipper that was washed ashore…

Although I was with a group when I went to Potipot Island, I enjoyed a great moment of solitude when I was there. It was just me and my camera. I think I did plan of enjoying the beach not until I saw and experienced how harsh the heat of the sun was. Besides, if I opted to swim, I wouldn’t be able to take as much photos as I needed.

I honestly enjoy being my friends’ photographer, being called here and there to take their photos. At the end of the day, I was already beaten down. I was dragging my tripod while walking languidly on the sinking white sand. It was just like that other pair of slipper who got washed ashore.



i watch you. i see you. i hear you. i smell you. your presence. your whole you.

in my dreams, you were talking to me and i was looking the other way. and so, when it was my turn to look, you were definitely gone.


Sidney said...

Nice story... too bad it hasn't a happy ending.
Gorgeous images...

There is one thing I don't understand... do you really need a tripod?
I never take a tripod with me... I find a tripod so annoying...

Photo Cache said...

Not a full pledged photog, I find tripod quite annoying too, same as Sidney, at least not in a fun setting.

Tsinelas make me always remember that Jose Rizal story. Always.

Anonymous said...

nice story rayts..:)

i always bring with me my tripod when going for an overnight adventure for long exposure shots..

my gulch said...

you will laugh at my reason for bringing the tripod. i need it because...simply because, all my friends are enjoying the beach and no one would have the time to take my solo pic with the beautiful white beach in the background, haha. in other words,i need to time a shot to get a photo of myself. another reason, well, i was hoping i would get a series of the sunset. unfortunately, no sunset that day. :-(

@photo cache:we have the same sentiment. i rarely bring my "annoying" tripod. it's light but still, it's a hassle but hey, i had to bring it for the above reason, hehe. onga no, tsinelas ni Rizal na itinapon na niya yung kabilang pares para mapakinabangan. asa pa na may makakakuha ng parehas na pares. for all we know, yung isang pares nasa Potipot, yung isa nasa Anawangin, hehe. joke lang namin yun nung high school. anti-Rizal kase kami. Boni porever, haha.

ako din pero dahil minsan hassle, naghahanap na lang ako lagi ng stable na patungan, improvised kumbaga.

paoruiz said...

naaaaaaaaaaaaks. =p

the donG said...

hahaha... kaya iba pa rin pag kasama mo sa byahe ay kahat may dalang camera.

Sidney said...

Next time ask me to come along to take pictures of you... I am probably more annoying than a tripod... but you don't have to carry me ! ;-)

kyels said...

I love the photos; they are really good!


Been busy at work and hadn't time to visit. Kamusta po?

pieterbie said...

Is being a slipper a bad thing?
I guess it depends on the feet.

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