Monday, May 18, 2009

Facing each other

facing each other

"Hindi ka kase nakikikinig eh!"

Once again, you accused me of not listening "enough". This is the second time. The first time, I was guilty and so I deserved the disdain. The second time, I had to beg off. I had to apologize though if my mind tend to wander at times or my eyes not fixed on yours but heck, that does not mean I was not listening. I do. I will always listen to your stories (even though you've told them already). I believe and (still) claim that listening is one of my best qualities. I prefer listening to people. Whether it's heartache or just a simple, silly story you picked up from god knows where. So everytime you said that I don't listen enough, you are hurting my feelings. But I never told you that. And you will never hear me say that.


photo was taken while i was attending a business con in Naga. (For christsake, who told you to attend a business conference in your Chucks! ) i don't need to belong. i was so bored listening that i took a series of this shot. the carpet and the chandelier were awesome. they entertained me for the whole boring sessions. tsk, tsk.


the donG said...

hahaha... some of our own things can actually entertain us just by looking at them.

my gulch said...

dom,onga eh, lalo na para sa mga taong walang magawa sa buhay gaya ko.

Ferdz said...

katuwa naman yung analogy of shoes facing each other. Di kaya boring yung kwento kaya your mind tend to wander :P

Di na uso formal attire ngayon!

my gulch said...

Ferdz!hehe. pwede. bad habit ko din siguro ang mag-wander. madalas in trance pa nga eh. ewan ko ba.

i hate formal attire. pinaka-hate ko ang prom night, debut, at sosyal na party, haha. napaka-unsociable ko.

pieterbie said...

Sounds pretty exciting....
Thank God for chucks to take photos of.

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