Monday, May 18, 2009

I want to see you from a different perspective, maybe then I would find a different version of the "truth"

the boat and the sea

During one of our roadtrips, we passed by this beach. Under the scorching heat of the sun, the water looks so blue and calm.

the boat, the sea, and me in the frame

Sometimes, there is a need to look at things from a different view. Exactly like this one.

“I am not supposed to be here!”

Bearing the scorching heat, waiting the world to come to an end— I think I snorted that phrase a hundred times or more.

With the heap of things to finish in the office i.e., annual reports, newsletters, magazines, the third boss decided to transport me to Naga City on a few days notice. She said I had to cover two events, an exhibit and a business con. Learning that the second event would be attended by representatives from business conglomerates, I got excited. The first one however was a drag.

The exhibit was located in an open ground with nothing but tarpaulin to protect your top from the scorching heat. In between explaining and briefing booth visitors, I was cursing and snorting, while wiping the niggling sweat on my face.

In the afternoon, the weather suddenly switched mood. It rained cats and dogs! The flooring of our booth was soaked but I was too tired to do anything about it. A few hours after that, the sun was raging again. At that time, I felt like turning into a Hulk and destroying everything within a foot away from me. The sudden change of weather was really getting into me. Brrr!

So anyway, I did survive that ordeal. In as much as I wanted to leave I could not. You know the saying, “seeing things at different perspectives” well it suits that particular occasion. Like in everything that has happened to me, it has become my instinct to look for reasons. If I didn’t find one, I usually make one.

I was in Bicol for four days. After the first day, I think I did manage to stay in tact pretty much well. I am really thankful I brought my camera with me. It kept me sane somehow.


paoruiz said...

it's a rule already. bring your camera wherever. =p

my gulch said...


ambigat eh. hassle minsan. dinispatsa ko na pa naman yung point-n-shoot ko! :-(

lagal[og] said...

rayts, ok nga sana magdala ng dslr lagi pero ambigat nga. there are times when i wish i have a more capable point and shoot camera pero iba pa rin kasi ang dslr. anyway, glad you came out of your predicament in one piece. maulan talaga sa bicol. and with the climate change, the weather can be sizzling one moment and rainy the next.

my gulch said...

oggie:you are so right. dami ding limitations ang point and shoot (PNS)lalo na kung sanay ka sa dslr at gusto mong mag-experiment ng mga shots. pinakamahirap para sa kin yung umakyat ng bundok tas dala ko camera, grabeng parusa. pero ganun talaga eh. saka nakaka-intimidate minsan ang dslr. whereas kung PNS ang daling magkuha ng mga "snap" shots.

Ferdz said...

I guess you could say people have different perspective of the truth din. Minsan magandang escape din mag shoot with the dslr. Once you look into the viewfinder, iba na focus mo :)

pieterbie said...

You just cannot have it all, I guess. But these pictures are good. I like that, a different perspective on the same thing. I must keep that in mind.

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