Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It never stopped raining since then...

after the rain

You should’ve known by the tone of my voice, maybe
But you didn’t listen
You played dead
But you never bled
Instead you lay still in the grass
All coiled up and hissin

I am such a fan of the REO Speedwagon.

Last night, we went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. If it was just me watching, I would have opted to see Star Trek but since he said that he’s not much into that kind of flick and revealed his admiration for Jennifer Garner, I immediately yielded.

I like watching film alone. I thought it was normal. He doesn’t think so. He would give remarks like: “Yan si Rayts ang hilig magsolo!” I don’t know how to take that but I guess, indirectly he wanted to be invited. So yesterday, I initiated the invitation. I tried inviting our other friends but most of them are out of town. Good thing DL was there. And then we met DL’s friend, Kat who poured out her heartbreaks to us over two rounds of beer at Gilligan’s. I could hardly hear her voice against the loud music but she could not hide her tears from us. She was just that hurt I guess. I am totally amaze by women who could not hide their pain away and still handle everything with so much poise and demeanor. I like her vulnerability and honesty considering we are "strangers" to her. In between her stories, I was minding the exchange of looks. He was looking into her. Both of them have been into each others' places only different time and circumstances.

The night was serendipitous...

Ideas and reasons were being laid on the table, all of which concerns matter of the heart and I had nothing to contribute but a nod and few phrases in agreement. Technically speaking, I was there but I was hardly there. Slowly, the alcohol is getting into me and I was being asked if my idea of marriage and family is still the same. I don't remember saying anything. The alcohol was a very good excuse to be quiet.


Sidney said...

Now that you are sober may we ask you again: What is your opinion about marriage and family"? :-)

How was the movie? The reviews were not good.

Photo Cache said...

LOL on Sidney's comment. That Sidney, he cracks me up.

Anyway, hats off to you. I CAN NEVER watch a movie alone in the cinema. I can go to a sit down restaurant and eat in alone, that I have done, and sit down doesn't mean fast food, and that I can still do, I think I can.

I also find some people who opens up to "strangers" so fascinating. I can never do that.

Still raining btw?

Lawstude said...

i hate goin to movie houses. i rather watch your amazing photos. great details.

pieterbie said...

I like watching movies on my own. I used to enjoy watching them together with my kids, but they have outgrown me. So now I am on my own.

Love the flowers, over here people sometimes take pictures of flowers with dew drops or raindrops on them. Your flowers are truly drenched :-)

lagal[og] said...

oh, never had a problem with watching movies alone, too (not that i do go to the cinema houses often because of dvds and dibidis :)) but i guess to each his/her own.

but you should've gone to star trek because it is really good :D. (by the way, i dig reo speedwagon, too)

Anonymous said...

ganda ng Star Trek.

Crim On the Brink

paoruiz said...

ive been hearing great reviews of star trek. =)

so what's your opinion on marriage and family? =) less the alcohol. =p

my gulch said...

@Sidney:I was raised by devout Catholic parents who are still together after more than 30 years—a great example of a solid marriage if you ask me. A mother who imposed on the intrinsic worth of long and stable relationships, responsible sex, and having a family. So needless to say, my take on marriage is very ideal. But you know, how ideas change as we grow old most especially if as a child you would ask certain inalienable questions but no one would give you a credible one just because they thought “you would not” understand or just because “it’s not proper to question things” especially if people have been doing before you.

How was the movie? The movie reminds me a bit of Dicken’s book but a bit shallow. The plot is a cliché with an attempt to portray it differently. It’s a feel good movie. Don’t expect too much.

@photo cache:I guess that confirms how a loner I am. I mostly enjoy doing things on my own. I do have friends and I enjoy getting together with them there are just certain things that I take pleasure in doing on my own say, watching a movie or going to the mall.

The rain has subsided a little. But from where I am right now, I don’t think it will ever stop.

@lawstude:haha. Natawa naman ako dun. Boring minsan ang tumingin lang ng photos, walang movement. One way lagi. Sa movie, at least you get some piece of human affirmation especially on the things that you think are just stuck inside your head.

@peter:there are movies that i enjoy watching alone and there are those that are more enjoyable to watch in the company of friends. Once, I watched this horror flick in Greenbelt (more less than an hour from my place) and it finished passed one in the morning. I got a bit scared going home alone. The next week, I went there again for the last full show.

Well to me, flowers who are drenched look happy to me. In a certain way, they are.

@oggie:right! To each his/her own. In the same manner that we take photos differently, according to how we perceive them. Hooray…REO Speedwagon! Will watch Star Trek this week.

@crim:sabay uli tayo manood kapag nasa elbi ako. Angels and Demons!

@pao:Onga eh. Papanoorin ko nga this week para sumaya naman ako. Mag-isa man o may kasama. View on marriage? Hehe. gusto mo kantahan na lang kita? Hehe.

Anonymous said...

ive watched Star Trek twice already (lam mo naman ako pag nagugustuhan ko. haha). Sige. Angels or Demons. or GI Joe. =P

Crim the Raging Mad

my gulch said...


Twice? nak ng teteng. ako nga di ko pa napapanood eh. Gusto ko makita si Young Spock (Z. Quinto) peborit ko kase si Sylar sa Heroes. Pero di ko naman nasusundan ang saga ng Star Trek.

Anyway, sana ipalabas na ang "Proposal" feel good movie uli tayo. Although I was really looking forward to watch "L'Heure d'ete" (Summer Hours). ;-)

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