Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A little tribute to "Kinatay"


What Lino Brocka was not able to achieve in his lifetime having been considered as one of the greatest film directors of the Philippines, Brilliante Mendoza did. And he did it after making eight films? Brocka’s Insiang, being the first ever film shown in Cannes Film Festival, paved way for a lot of Filipino flicks to be seen and appreciated in the world cinema. A year after, Brocka’s Jaguar made it as a nominee for the prestigious Palme d’Or but didn’t make it. Of course Mendoza won in a different category, but Brocka could have won that easily too (or so I think). This is Mendoza's second time in Cannes. The first was through the film Serbis.

Serbis is set in a porn-theatre and features long close-ups of festering boils and overflowing toilets. Kinatay on the other hand is about a kidnap-rape victim who is beaten up, then murdered and hacked to pieces.

Is Mendoza really worth the accolade or he’s just one lucky bastard?

I don’t know. I have not seen the movie. I am 99 percent sure that this will premier at UP Film Center since SM Malls will not allow such “dark” film or what Maggie Lee of The Hollywood Reporter described as a “prurient and excruciating viewing experience”.

Out of the eight films of Mendoza, I’ve seen three: Kaleldo (2006), Foster Child (2007), and Masahista (2005) in that particular order. After Masahista, I stopped watching his films. I know that watching three flicks out of eight is not enough to judge Mendoza’s works but I do know that I am not keen on watching “Kinatay” (literally means butchered). But I WILL. Just because it's a first for any Filipino film director to won the Best Director in Cannes Film Festival. Also, watching it will give me the right to rant or rave.


Just a few things to be happy about... :-D

> My friend Charl is finally home for good. No more China. Yeba!

> I was able to spent some quality time with Mr. Freeze. So close I could smell his breath. nyahaha!

> Being nominated for an award is good. I am not hoping to win but if I do, the cash prize will be awesome to treat some good friends (and the prestige that comes along with it, heh!)

> Can't wait to see the movie, Proposal. why? well....

> My first food photography assignment is coming into reality. And it will be slated this June.


Sidney said...

Looks like you have exciting times ahead...

Hmmmm...kidnap rape victim...who is then hacked to pieces... I guess while she is still alive.... no thank you very much... even if the movie won the Palme d'Or.

I guess there are a lot of sick people around... and that doesn't change if they win an award.
I know...don't shoot the messenger... but there are some boundaries in porn as in violence that shouldn't be crossed.

Just my opinion...of course ! ;-)

Sidney said...

read : "would have won " instead of "won"

Photo Cache said...

Looks like everything is falling into place with your life, good for you.

Haven't seen any of his films. I don't really go for gory so I may find myself shying away from Kinatay, just the title alone gives me goosebumps.

my gulch said...

Sidney:well said. i get your point. i don't adhere much to the style and theme of most of Mendoza's films. The Philippines is way more than a graphic depiction of slummery and prostitution. he said in in his acceptance speech that these is not just a movie and it was based from real life, i think it's a bit lame to say that.

I still believe we could produce a great film minus the gore. it's a challenge I guess.

photo cache:hehe. Before "Kinatay" I think the movie is called "Chop-chop". I see the reason why Mendoza chose Kinatay. the word is already graphical it will stun the viewers even before watching it. you kinda know what to expect. sort of.

Anonymous said...

andito na si karlota! ;D


lagal[og] said...

i'm not one into gore or violence myself but i'm curious about brilliante's movie. it's an honor, of course, to the pinoys but i do agree with you that there's more to the philippines than gore and sex. siguro, it's also because we live at a time when people need to be stunned to be command attention.

good to hear things are falling into place for you. :D God bless you

my gulch said...

Crim: onga. nagparamdam na ba siya sa 'yo? she has her Ph number already.

oggie: onga, ako din curious. kasama ata yun sa promotion. i look forward to every Cannes entry/winner eh di mas lalo pa itong Kinatay na nanalo. i agree. most directors see it that way. gulatan, sindakan para mapansin. yoko lang din sana na ang Kinatay ang magiging representative ng pelikula sa Pinas. kung ako, isang foreigner at yun ang unang Pinoy flick na napanood ko parang tatak siya masyado sa isip ko. get my point? Ako yung first Iranian film na napanood ko ay yung Children of Heaven. Minimalist ang storya, pero may dating at may puso. Tumatak sa isip ko agad. Pati yung White Balloon. simpleng tama.

Anonymous said...

sa fezbuk pa lang. penge # nya,ha.


the donG said...

bravo to mr mendoza! galing talaga. i need to watch this winning piece.

my gulch said...

crim: roger! sent it last night. :-)

dom: yep. a feat. deserves to be applauded. we should watch it. will do.

Sidney said...

"here's more to the philippines than gore and sex"

... nowadays when I open my morning newspapers I might be fooled into thinking it is only about sex... ;-)

pieterbie said...

Sounds like some pretty heavy subjects to make a film about.
I wouldn't mind really, as long as the film is well shot and there is a good storyline.

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