Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tear drops hanging

tear drops hanging

I watch by my hazy window
Flimsy little fern rattled by drops of rain
It moves, a hard tickles on the sheath
Drops creating a pelting sound
As they rush to the ground




Andrea said...

kagaling parang mga white transparent berries. Totoo ba yan o enhanced ng PS?

my gulch said...

@'te nidz:ganyan talaga siya. pinaghalong puffs and mist. magandang effect yung drops. i spotted this fern in Cordillera Province during the cold season, very early in the morning. kakatapos lang ng ulan.

Antoine Greg said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

nauhaw ako ah. yummy dew drops.

Crim the Great. (haha!)

my gulch said...

@antoine:thanks for dropping by. appreciate it.

@crim:bitin ka sa dew drops. but really, plants look so refreshing to watch. you notice how green really looks green these days because of the rain?

paoruiz said...

they seem crunchy. =)

my gulch said...

@pao,pwede, hehe. cruchy pako!

Anonymous said...

best case scenario: if those dew drops, are actually, tequila drops. lol. yumyum.


my gulch said...


kung naging tequila yan, malamang wala ng dew drops akong pipicturan, hehe.

pieterbie said...

Teardrops of joy?

OT: zoe does not mean anything in Dutch. Zoet does, zoet means sweet.

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