Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From the ground

from the ground

A lot of things have been happening lately, mostly about work, and I always feel like stretching the time just to accommodate everything that I need to do for the day.

I feel like I am always on the ground, lying and languidly sinking. Can someone pull me out?!

I will have my first food photoshoot tomorrow. I would like to thank Oggie for the tips. I appreciate it a lot.

“you were there
a few breath away from me
catching glimpses
has been an annoying habit
I think my face flush
an awful lots of time.”

Heck, why did you have to say that we are “a love team” when I knew all along that you meant nothing by it but an awful attempt to joke around. And you said it in the most awkward moment. In front of your dad and a bunch of “strangers”. Woot.

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pieterbie said...

This guy reaches out his hand: grab it.
Nice point of view here in this photo, very exotic, love it!

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