Thursday, June 18, 2009

Running away

even the bread has its own issue to resolve

When it comes to being on the limelight, I always feel like running away. I am not used to the attention. I’ve always felt like I belong in the background.

When I was in college, I joined a theater group. I’ve always welcomed the fact that I would be joining the group who makes the props for the actors. And I felt happy and contented about it. I’ve always felt that I belong there, not because I was limiting myself to what I could do and could not, but mainly because it felt right.



paoruiz said...

sense of family is good.

Photo Cache said...

how did you do this? the cut is so smooth.

pieterbie said...

Hey, I love this breadman, what a great idea!
Being in the spotlight can be an element of stress.

Anonymous said...

Angelina and Yaya. haha.


kyels said...

I love the bread cut. It's meticulously done.

Kamusta po? It's been a while, di ba? I've been so busy with work ... No time to bloghop that much pero you're always in my thoughts.


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