Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

he was looking out to the vast, blue sea; I was at the back looking out for him

"There was neither beginning nor end to this sorrow. Nor understanding." - Carson McCullers


This post is for a dear friend. Every piece of me emphatizes with you.

Every pain, anxiety, regret...I hope they'd be gone sooner than expected.

Two years of pain is hell. Iinom na lang natin yan!


Photo Cache said...

That's the first time I heard of this phrase (or sentence), the heart is a lonely hunter. How very true.

my gulch said...

photo cache : it's actually the title of a Carson McCullers's book from which I took the quote. :-D

Anonymous said...

shouldn't have danced when the music beckoned.


my gulch said...

crim: hmm, i guess it was to 'dance-able' to ignore. para tuloy gusto kong kumanta ng "careless whisper" nyah eh.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! Hayden and Katrina totally ruined that song for me. tsk tsk.

Crim the Idiot

pieterbie said...

Two years of pain must be hell indeed, but maybe better than four years of pain.
Your horizon isn't straight, but I guess you knew about that.

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