Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It’s one of those days...

drops from the dragonfruit plant just after the rain has subsided

...when you just hate going to the office to work or pass by to the University to have yourself enrolled for a residency and wait for the long queue at the Cashier's Office to pay the 40 pesos fee.

...when you don't feel like socializing or talking to anyone but you have to because they need something from you and you have to abide in the name of propriety and goodwill.

Again, it is one of those days when you just wanted to stay inside the confined corner of your house, grab a book, drink a mug of coffee while watching the rain settle from your window, and sleep the whole afternoon out without thinking of anything. Just sleep.

But then again it was never one of those days for me. Today is just an ordinary day just like any of the other days that passed. The morning will be sunny and a drizzle of rain will come by during the late afternoon signaling the end of the day.


"being forgetful is a sign of old age...and you, Rayts is getting old and more forgetful than ever!" ---> yah, yah, yah! ya-yariin kita, makita mo! :-p


Photo Cache said...

i really like this picture, could be interpreted many many ways.

ever since i got married i couldn't find the me and my friends on dvd alone time anymore. i want another of those days.

backpacking philippines said...

this is one of those days when i'm holed up in another room, separate from the others...self-quarantine mode due to a recent trip to australia :(

pieterbie said...

One of those days eh.
Today is one of those days when I hit the sack at 2:30 am and rose at 7. Fell asleep after lunch.
Should have done a million things.
Who cares?

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