Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love conquers all

love conquers all keychain

Does it?! Weh.



I talk because I feel, and I talk to you because I want you to know how I feel.

And my criticism informs you: You hurt my feelings a minute ago.


Anonymous said...

no it doesn't. it fizzles out. or is forced to fizzle out.
da hu?


pieterbie said...

It is a bit of a chiché, but they this looks like a pretty kind of cliché gift stand.

I hope I didn't hurt your feelings.

my gulch said...

love fizzles out! but more likely it refuses to fizzle out. even when forced. haha.
da hu? it's about the long and winding battle of E and D and a recurring little misinterpretations that got out of hand. you know the drill. it's a never ending story, at least for D.

you did not hurt my feelings. not at all. that was actually the point of the post. to spite this bitch of a cliché. :-)

the souvenir shop has more of that cliché blah-blah that even though the keychains look promising, i can't make myself buy one. "Love is blind"...beat that!

Anonymous said...

the thing that refuses to fizzle out must be buried. sometimes, in the craziest of hours, exhumed. and then buried again. another never-ending story. =p

oh, that again. i am almost too tired of the saga to comment further. hahaha.


Jim said...

it does! kaya nga 'di epektib ang family planning... mas masarap daw... umibig... kaya kahit gutom, matitiis... aaay haw sweat.... weheheh... ala lang, sakit leeg ko ngayon eh... but seriously, it does, kita mo, may business na si Manang??? ;)

my gulch said...

crim: burried,exhumed, and burried again. ang lufet. ramdam ko ang angst ah. haha. yea, the SAGA continues...

Jim: totoo ka dyan. at mabisang pang-diet. isipin mo yun. puro hangin at memories ang kakainin nyo. but seriously, lahat ng cliche, may katotohanan naman. kaya nga sobrang nagagasgas.

sana gumaling na ang masakit mong leeg. ako naman braso. malaming posisyon sa pagtulog. sus.

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