Thursday, August 20, 2009

Table for two

two men and a pitcher of beer at Dampa

The scene appeals to me: two men, one table amongst the many empty one, it was almost midnight.

We were at Dampa in Cubao two days ago...celebrating life. Oki, Deb, Dax are also August celebrators so we agreed to treat our friends on that one particular day, my actual birthday. We stayed there until almost midnight. From the corridor of our reserved room, I found this two men drinking the night away. The pitcher of Pale Pilsen gone and the ice cubes had already turned into water. Both of them looked intense. One of the guys at the restaurant was pointing at my direction, probably trying to get their attention because I was shooting at them. The two guys seemed unmindful.

Happiness is an overated word but that night, I was particularly "happy". It always feels good to celebrate life in the company of "friends"...people who (has the capability to) understand my eccentricities and would not require explanations for them.

Plus, the food was really delicious.



A cornball talking to a cornborer:

“Naisip ko lang, kung friends mo sila, malamang disordered din ang mga tables nila so naisip kong yun ang ibigay na gift!"

The cornball explained while spitefully looking at the cornborer's "chaotic" table with all the heap of books and papers, copious post-it, and loose papers dwelling all over. Then as if it was not enough, the cornball said:

"Wala naman sigurong ahas dyan!" (pointing at the heap of papers and books)

I gave him a hard laugh (which least to say, is the most unexpected reaction).


Photo Cache said...

happy belated b/day fellow august babe.

this photo appeals to me too. mukhang serioso ang sitwasyon ah.

good eye.

Anonymous said...

uy i texted you hbd. you have murakami's book na?

ate sel

Sidney said...

Belated happy birthday!

Nice composition... they call it negative space ;-)

Looks like a class room !

Great to find you in high spirits... I hate getting I hate my birthday... ;-)

pieterbie said...

I missed your birthday, I see. Hope it was a happy one!
I love this shot. It is so teriffic. Those two guys having a beer alone in the emptiness. Great!

my gulch said...

photo cache:
uy advance/belated. salamat, salamat.

naku sorry, na-block yung sun sim ko. so malamang di ko na marereciv yun. hehe. di ko pa napapalitan eh. which murakami book? the only HM book that i do not have as of the moment ay yung 1Q84 na wala pang English translation. :-D

thanks, appreciate it. ah, "negative space". people hate getting old, i guess that's a natural attitude. but age is just a number.

thanks! i (almost) missed my birthday too hehe.

Andrea said...

So... lalaki pala ang cornball! Paano kung babae, cornbell? I also like the photo kaya lang nakikita yung 2 pa sa top left.

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