Monday, August 24, 2009

Tears on my window

tears on the window

Invisible tears are the hardest to wipe away. ~Adabella Radici~


Same place, same date. Just as when the celebration was almost over.

An image produced on my birthday. The aircon in that reserved room was too high.


Crim and I watched "And I Love You So" during the weekend. Knowing my dislike for Bea A., Crim had to treat me (that was the deal as I wouldn't watch it on my own). Half-way through the film, we both wanted to walk out of the cinema house. "Guard ang gate pakisara, delikado ang mga bata!" (Crim's most unforgettable line from the movie)

Before heading home, we had coffee and beer at a nearest, most available videoke in LB. Coffee and beer fought inside my stomach but a bunch of ice did the trick. It calmed down somehow. Crim and I sang the sappiest songs...good thing no one knew us there. Goodness, it was nice to belt. As Crim said: "if you're heart could not say it, sing it!" (or something like that).


Anonymous said...

si Crim talaga ang korniiii.

Crim's Alter Ego

Photo Cache said...

I'll probably lift that line some day :) ---if your heart could not say it, sing it :)

pieterbie said...

Coffee and beer never gives me trouble. Ice can do :-)

paoruiz said...

happy barthday. =)

Sidney said...

Beer and coffee...interesting mix... but I guess it helps when you need to sing ;-)

Andrea said...


luthien said...

bakeeeeeeeet kayo nanood nyan?!

Anonymous said...

moment of insanity, luthien. something we regretted 10 minutes into the movie. i think that's the first local movie i saw after Rizal. nggr.


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