Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 Bright Leaf Photo Exhibit

photo exhibit

We were at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino in Manila last Friday for the 2009 BrightLeaf Agriculture Journalism Award. One of my colleagues, Miko won the "Best Agriculture Feature Story" for the national category. Her winning piece, “When fish catch a cold, the rest of the world sneezes” highlights the effects of climate change specifically in the fisheries sector. Her article came out in our Digest, which made her winning extra special for me since, this our first time to join and we already got an award. I am (so) proud of what she has achieved. If there's one person among our writers who is suited to receive the award, it's her. She's a great writer. She's thorough and insightful.

There was a photo exhibit at the lobby, which I languidly looked over and over while waiting for the program to start. It turned out that 5 out of the 10 entries I sent were included among the photos exhibited. I will try to feature them here in my next post. Obviously, I didn't bag any award that night, but the thought of having my photos displayed and being gawked at along with the other great photos is enough for me.

Anyway, this year's Bright Leaf Photo of the Year was taken by Edgardo Espiritu titled, "Spice Scarecrow"

agri photo of the year

It's funny but I have a similar photo entry. Well, almost the same concept, minus the birds flying. I love the timing of Espiritu's shot. Sometimes, taking great photos comes with luck. And boy, was he lucky. Not only did he bag the 50,000 pesos, he won a new Lenovo laptop and a trip to Lombok, Indonesia. Awesome. :-)


pieterbie said...

A bit of luck can help, obviously.

Jim said...

you share the moment din rayts, winner ka din! :D sarap ng feeling na kasama mo sa trabaho ang nanalo. and yes, sometimes luck is a very big part of a great photo. :D

Photo Cache said...

Wow, could you show us which of your photos were included in this exhibit?

Sidney said...

5 pictures being exhibited is very nice! Congrats!
Wish you had won the first price !

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