Wednesday, September 9, 2009



I feel like plunging into a pool of raindrops, meticulously gathered to bring confort to a distressed soul like me. Inhaling its soul hoping that the next time I wake up, I am part of that little, inconspicuous committee that god created to bathe the earth. I've been looking at the same wet, raindrops-filled window everyday. I don't know which is better, workloads pouring at my face like hell and always beating the deadlines or seeing my boots get soaked in the mud every morning. The only thing that keeps me sane this day is the thought that on the 16th, I might be seeing you, giving me the chance to taunt and tease you (again).


pieterbie said...

Sounds like a pretty refreshing idea. Not the first time you've used the raindrops here, but every raindrop photo you take is indeed unique.

Andrea said...

Very beautiful raindrop photo! PnS can't get it as nicely.

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