Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As bright as the "falling leaf"

As promised, I am featuring here the five photos which were featured in the recently concluded 2009 BrightLeaf Photo Exhibit held at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino, Manila.

getting ready to paddle

"Ready to Paddle" (taken during a visit at the Basidio Marine Sanctuary in Bohol)

fish vendors in time of crisis

"Fish Vendors in time of Crisis" (taken at a public market in Urdaneta, Pangasinan)

old newspapers find use in mango production

"Old Newspapers Find Use in Mango Production" (taken in Davao Oriental during the mango harvest season.)

the shrimper

"The Shrimper" (taken in Bulusan Lake, Sorsogon...i believe I featured this here before.)

onion lady in the field

"The Onion Lady in the Field" (taken in Baguio City under the scorching heat of the sun.)



I haven't had some decent sleep over the past few days. My workload at the moment is a pain in the ass. Just as when I am about to finish my "to do list"... new workloads are starting to pour in. Geezus.

I've been wanting to come home to LB. I am missing my niece, Fiona, more than I should. I mean, I see her during the weekends but then again, I am missing her more. She speaks more eloquently these days. She's still into pop music and Dora The Explorer. Lately, she's hooked in watching Up. I hope I could teach her the value of reading books ...but then again, she's just three years old.


Photo Cache said...

Great shots. I especially love the last one.

*clap* *clap* *clap*

pieterbie said...

Great photos, piece by piece.

Sidney said...

Great pictures. No wonder they were selected.

It is never too early to read books to children... I started with my son at that age.

He was crazy about books till he discovered the internet :-( (sigh)

luthien said...

nice photos rayts!

Andrea said...

Yan ang sinasabing Super Fabulous na litrato! Galing sa composition. Sana nanalo ang isa dito e!

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