Monday, September 28, 2009

Painful drops

painful drops

I know I’ve told you how I love the “rain”.

Just because it makes the surrounding quite refreshing and subdue; the grass greener than ever and the air, cooler. But experiencing a tropical storm or a typhoon for that matter is another thing.

I am shying away from the television these days. The images of the Ondoy aftermath are just disheartening. I knew people who lost their homes because of this terrible natural disaster. There was not much of wind…but a whole-day pouring of huge, painful drops of rain that never seemed to end. That’s how it was.

Now, Metro Manila is like a vast Mekong Delta River minus the huge, cargo ships...


(one which I should have posted some weeks ago....)

I have this friend who wanted that I go out and meet “people” so that I could “widen my horizon” for other prospects. She said that my biological clock could be running out and that given my innate love for children and my plan to have at (least) a kid (preferably a boy) soon…she said, I am such a sluggish moron for not taking this “destiny bullshit” into the next level.

The word “thirty-ish” can be an upsetting resound for singles. Yes, definitely. But not if most of your friends are single too and who are seem to be enjoying their time. Oh well, that is what I thought too. As the great A used to tell me... "everything comes with a good end. you just have to know how to explain it to yourself!"

And then I met this “new friend” a week ago. She’s my age but she’s engaged to be married this month. Hell yea. I find her really pretty and so sure of herself. She has a beautiful face coupled with an amazing wit. In short, she’s both beauty and brain. She met her fiance through Friendster, who she knew through a friend's friend.

While we were inside the car and trying to pass by the horrendous traffic in EDSA, surprisingly, she turned her head to me and asked: “How about you Rayts, how many boyfriends have you had?”

I nearly fell on my seat. I wasn't surprised by the question, but the attention. There were five of us in the car and all of them were waiting for my answer. A few minutes passed and wished that someone kidnapped me from the car. (Nak ng teteng. Bakit naman ako ang napagdiskitahan ng mga ‘to!). I thought that the question was rather off and wanted to paraphrase it. But instead I said: “Jesus, I need to pee!”

I guess they knew what my answer was. or Not?


pieterbie said...

How many boyfriends have you had?
Is that remotely of some importance? As if the world record is of some importance.
My best friend at one point in time was a very good looking guy. He exploited that fact. His cousin and I once counted the number, we got over 50.
OK, so he had a lot of sex.
Was he happy?
His first marriage practically lead to divorce before he actually got married.
After that?
I lost touch.
Happy is important, content, a rich life.
Not your number of boy- or girlfriends.
That is my point of view.
I didn't have too many girlfriends.
But then "many" didn't interest me, just one I could spend my life with.

my gulch said...

peter: well for some people, number is important. not only for information, but it gives emphasis to a statement. there could be an underlying cultural context if you compare say, a girl who had 15 boyfriends versus a girl who never had one since birth.

"Happy is important, content, a rich life. Not your number of boy- or girlfriends.That is my point of view."

--> i am with you on this one. :-D

"I didn't have too many girlfriends.But then "many" didn't interest me, just one I could spend my life with."

--> wow. i think all the women in the world would be glad for that kind of words. :-)

Photo Cache said...

I agree all you need is one - the right one.

Just when you stopped looking and in your hearts of heart has decided that being alone is cool too, then bam, that's when it happens. That's when your world will turn upside down. That's when HE enters the scene.

blah blah blah.

The End. That's how the story is written :=)

paoruiz said...

lately, i fear the rain.

Sidney said...

I never knew what real happiness was until I got married. And by then it was too late. ~Max Kauffman

Anonymous said...

tick tack..tick tack... [and that goes the same for me. haha]

Crim Who Is Beginning To Entertain (a wee, tiny bit) The Thoughts of Getting Married (shudder).

Jim said...

sana pinukpok mo ng sapatos--ala massacre sa kotse! oh pasok carlos j! :D wow, too invading, very rude, heartless--kainis! kung ako nandun, sabunutan ko kaya sya!? hahaha! ayan nakaganti ka na rayts!

Toe said...

I was single for the longest time. I know how it is. Though you didn't answer, this is a very honest story. :)

Relax... it goes on forever... even when you do have a boyfriend, next question is when you get married, then when you'll have kids, then when you'll have grandchildren. It never ends. The important thing is to be happy with your situation no matter what it is.

Andrea said...

If you let harrassments and pressures get in through you, that's the start of doom. You might end up settling for less, and that's pathetic! There is no such thing as coincidence, what you need is given to you by the benevolent Universe. But of course you always have the choice. Medyo awa ako sayo kasi affected ka...

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