Friday, October 16, 2009

One is memerized and the other is stunned

mesmerized Aljur

Aljur is mesmerized by her while singing "Nandito Ako".

stunned Kris

Kris looking stunned but still manages to give a sheepish smile.


I was at the WTC in Pasay City last weekend covering a DA event called the O!MayGulay Cooking Contest. This is their third year and the last one I believe since Agri Secretary Arthur Yap will be stepping down his office to run for a local political position in Bohol (or so I think). Our office is not the organizer but we worked with them on a collaborative effort on this particular activity.

So anyway, I was there to take photos, which I did. And as expected, there were celebrities. I am not much into the Kapuso artists as I do not know most of them but looking at the crowd's reactions as this particular loveteam is being introduced, I can't help but be in great awe. I told to myself, "Wow, they must be that popular!"

I click the shutter every chance I get. Trying to get the best angles. Afterall, I was one of the few photographers that the organizers allowed to go front and back the stage so it's only proper that I get every best opportunity possible.

By the end of the program, I was so exhausted that all I wanted was to get out of the place. Enough celebrities for the day.


luthien said...

rayts si maja salvador daw yan sabi ni husbandry.

my gulch said...

luthien: hahaha. katuwa naman. pero i like maja more than kris. double time. maja looks and talks smart. not that i am downgrading kris. no pun. it's just that after Etch heard her conversation with Aljur at the backstage, i couldn't agree more.

pieterbie said...

Good photos. They seem to show emotions. I'm happy when photos manage to do that.

my gulch said...

peter: thanks! i like photos that show emotions too. posed shots are boring.

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