Monday, October 19, 2009

To belong means not necessarily jumping into the bandwagon...


Yeng Constantino's kickers and Ginger Conejero's three inches heels.


There are two kinds of women in this world, those who enjoy wearing high heels looking all modest and prim even though their feet are throbbing in pain; and there are those who wear flats looking all small, hasty and casual often drowned in a crowd full of these high-heeled women.

Who am I then?

I am the girl who wears a dress over a pair of Chuck and enters a room of women in their modest looking high-heeled shoes.


Ira Olivia said...

si Yeng and Cris yan diba? Ako din, I'll spare my heels on [high] heels.

my gulch said...

hi Ira:Kris Bernal was also wearing a three-inch high heels at that time, but those in the photo are Yeng's and Ginger's. Ginger is a huge woman and it's making her even taller (bigger?) to wear shoes like that. hehe.

yea, i know you're a Chuck-er too. :-D

Photo Cache said...

I like this post very much. This begs the question whether the female sex falls into the two categories you featured here. I myself fall under the middle.

my gulch said...

photocache: thanks for appreciating. sorry if i haven't had the time to visit your nook.

i used to envy women who wear high heels when i was a kid. i have high regard for women who can carry themselves with such grace amidst the uncomfortable heels. stilletos are exception to the rule. they kill every inch of my spirit. hehe. and they always send the wrong message to guys (i think).

anyway, between those two, i think i am more of the casual, hasty type. but then again, people nowadays hate the stereotypes. so yea, it's good to be in the middle.

Andrea said...

When did you take this photo, why are you in their midst.

BTW, have you read the article about Ayn Rand in Times, 2nd to the last issue? Naalala ko na naman ang long time date Howard Rourke!

pieterbie said...

chucks are healthier than high heels.
Look at the woman wearing the high heels, she is showing blue veins in her legs.

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