Thursday, October 15, 2009

I still get affected by water lilies waiting to bloom

the famous lotus taken in KL, Malaysia

Even though you’re far
My sensitivity awakes
I hear you cry, cuss in anger
Unknowingly I’ve caused your pain
In your defense—
I will reserved these water lilies
In time they will bloom
to give you reprieve.




cornborer strikes back!

We we’re chatting the other day and realized how much comfortable it is to “talk” to him over YM than talking to him personally. I am not much of a YM-user but I have more time to think as I write down my response than when we banter at each other in real situation. I am not a very spontaneous person, but I get stunned talking to him and my mind always meander every time he discusses his ideas to me —things which still surprise me ‘til today.

Anyway he added two or more adjectives to an already wealth of words which he fondly (torture-ly) calls me. No pun intended, he claims. A humble mockery to his paronomasia into practice. I had to strike back and call him “fat ass” and retorted that he needed a body tune up. I wanted to add, "Mag-diet ka kase malapit nang pumutok mga damit mo!" Kaya lang that remark goes for me too. hehe. But what I said was subtle compared to being called “sira ulo and tibo!” ("maasar pikon!"). Buti na lang di ako madaling maasar, lately.


Andrea said...

aha! at sino naman yung malimit mo ka-YM? halatang-halata ka na yata.

my gulch said...

te nidz di naman 'malimit'. twice ko lang naman naka-YM kase he uses the text usually. saka lagi ako naka-invisible.

i just realized how easy it is sometimes to write down your thoughts/banter than actually saying them. that way you get to strain a lot of things. but then again, there's a downside of it too.

pieterbie said...

A really beautiful shot, I thought it was an painting first.

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