Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sometimes the message is just in front of you!

message t-shirts

I found this temporary stall beside Jollibee in Ilocos Norte selling shirts with interesting message printed on them.

English translation:

Life is like a wheel, sometimes your up sometimes in the vulcanizing shop·



What do you call a person who intentionally pisses people off?

A douche bag.

This person is starting to annoy me, so much so that I just wanted to burry myself alive just to get away from him. But as the saying goes, “You can run, but you cannot hide.”

At 3:44 AM while I was snoozing my way to dreamland I was awakened by an annoying text from this person who’s mind has been greatly affected by his misconstrued notion of the truth. It’s a shame that some people have been gallantly feeding his paranoia that it is now the size of the map of Asia. Excuse the exaggeration but this guy has gotten way beyond being normal. Normal meaning rationale and considerate to other people’s feelings.

At 3:57 AM another one of his annoying, grudge-fest messages entered into my inbox. This time, he was accusing the girl as liar and in denial of her true feelings to this guy whom we know for certain is just a friend. The girl that this guy was accusing was my friend. To make the matter worst, the guy who’s been sending these annoying messages is also a friend. One of these days, I am planning to “erase” him in my life. Totally.

After his successive SMS, I wasn’t able to sleep. Everything went bad from the time I received his last message until the time I decided to got off the bed tired of looking lull at my room's ceiling.

My morning started from bad to being worst. Thanks to this guy.


Photo Cache said...

Pabili kong tshirt na may vulcanizing print :D

paoruiz said...

At madalas, pinapalitan. =p Hahaha emo. =p

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