Saturday, October 31, 2009

While rain pours in Luzon, it was scorching hot in the Visayas...

Early morning today I received a text from my sister that typhoon Santi was causing some damage in LB. Water has gone inside our house and that they have no electricity. I looked around and found the sunstreaks pricking my eyes. It was only 7:45 in the morning in Babatngon, Leyte but it was already scorching hot. There's scarcely a network coverage in the area so I went around desperate to get even a bar of of signal for my mobile phone. There was none. I just waited until we get to Basey in Eastern Samar.

Two of my friends and I were off to Sotohan Cave that early morning. Yesterday we explored Pearl Island in Guiuan to see how precious pearls and huge clams are being cultured in the area and proceeded to Surf Camp not to surf but to watch the huge waves on a viewdeck where one can see the whole open sea.

Tomorrow we're off to this Island.....

Canigao Island

photo snatched from


Still NO PHOTO to post today. I am in the same Internet cafe which I go to every now and then, after the driver banked us into the hotel. The cafe is a few walks away from where we are staying so it's convenient for us. I've been in Tacloban City, crossing Samar and Leyte Islands, for six days now. Two more days to go and we're back in the city. I hope that Santi is gone by the time we come back in Quezon City.


There's a lady at the back of our cubes talking to her foreign "lovey-dovey" in a loud voice. I say he's a foreigner because the lady speaks English in a prominent Visayan accent. I don't want to listen but she speaks so loudly that everyone in the cafe seems to know what's going on with her and the "guy." :-D

Happy Halloween everyone!

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pieterbie said...

Looks like you are very much in a piece of paradise there.

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