Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Aging with grace

Doc Boni blowing his candles

Aging is inevitable. Something we all can't escape. But not all can go about aging with such grace the way I knew this guy. To the Sociologist students in UP Diliman, he is Professor Manuel Bonifacio, for us at the office (and his friends), he is simply, Doc Boni.

Today, P and I went to Goldilocks to buy a cake for him as we will celebrate his "24th" birthday. He won't reveal to us his (real) age so we stood by what he announced to us during lunch, "I am 24." Everyone laughed. But even though his physical appearance denies such claim, Doc Boni is truly young at heart.

He's one of our esteemed consultants at the office. He's one of the few people I know who can easily adapt with all kinds of people. I knew by heart his credentials,but he refrains me for always talking about it. I knew that he finished his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania and that he's been a consultant to various projects whether government or private. He should have been retired by now and should have opted to stay at home but he said, he'll get sick that way. He's one of the few people who can climb the stairs all the way to the third floor of our office everyday and still smile at the top all the way to his cubicle. In fact he's the only person who consistently greets me "Hi and Good morning" everyday.

He's the sweetest. He gives me littlest of things. A piece of candy. Coffee. Sugar for refill. Soda. Chocolates. A cd of instrumental music for relaxation. He said, "So you can write and relax ." (A sweet spite I guess. He knew I listen to rock music).

But he's not just sweet to me. He's sweet to everyone. I guess that is why he is well loved.

Doc Boni smiles

To the sweetest guy alive. More birthdays to come Doc Boni. Cheers!

One good and practical advise that he always tells me: "Rayts finish your MA thesis!" (haha)



Aira Hey said...

Happy 24th bday to Doc Boni! I cracked a halakhak while reading this entry at the part he said he's 24. Apparently, I admired him for the same reasons.

Anonymous said...

Pasabi ke Doc Boni, "HDB. Still Young!"


Anonymous said...

"HBD" correction.


pieterbie said...

Clearly a person who deserves to be put in the spotlight here.
Great pictures, BTW!
You know what, Rayts?
Finish your thesis :-)

Maria ("Bunny") Natividad-Agatep said...

Thank God for this post! I've been wondering about Doc Boni for decades. I was a U.P. Socio major and was in his class 23 years ago before I left for NY in 1988. I adored the man! He was a wonderful and caring professor ... how do I contact him? Can someone send me his e-mail address please?

Joy Page Manuel said...

What a pleasant surprise to have found this blog entry. Doc Boni has always been one of my favorite professors in the Dept. of Sociology...a true mentor. Too bad he was not so active at the dept. anymore during the years I was teaching there too. Anyway, I'm happy that he continues to make a difference in a lot of people's lives and that he remains the sweet and humble man that I knew way back during my college days. Say hi for me when you see him! Thanks again for this wonderful entry!

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