Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Usually when people are sad, they don't do anything.

They just remain apathetic asking the most outlandish questions. Or they look for the nearest Internet cafe and rant about their miserable-ness.

I am not in my comfty nook today so I could not post photos. Which is more depressing since I am having a hard time translating and ellucidating my feelings without them. Yes, in my case, photos always fill the gap.

But I took tons of photos today, most of them in the field. Most of them faces of people. Happy ones. Waving goodbye at me.

I just came from a far away town somewhere in the Visayas Island wherein cellphones and laptops have no use. If one is desperate for a signal, even for a flickering moment, one has to go near the highway which was a few minutes walk from where we were conducting our meeting.

I am in an Internet cafe now which is about to close.

I miss my nook. I miss my messy table. I miss my SB mug. I miss drinking coffee until my stomach bursts and my heart palpitates to death. I miss someone. Hate someone. I miss my niece. I miss watching movies. The last movie I've seen was 500 Days of Summer and it's been like ages already. I miss you. Yes, I miss you that I see you in my dreams. I miss someone who doesn't even want to see me. Despicable me. I miss eLBi!!!


Toe said...

You are soooo lovesick! :)

Okay... I'll take you up on your lunch or dinner offer. :) Kelan ba uuwi si Oki from her exotic travels? :)

lagal[og] said...

or should i say, when people are happy, they do everything :D

cheer up rayts, that mug of coffee awaits, among other things :P

pieterbie said...

hey, you didn't say you missed me :-)

my gulch said...

Hi Toe!
lovesick ba? hehe. miss ka na namin! Nakabalik na si Oki from India but we're in Tacloban City crossing Samar and Leyte every now and then to explore new things. official trip tas nagpa-extend na lang kami kase haba naman bakasyon. we'll contact you when we come back in kyusi, hopefully wala na si Santi.

hi Oggie: yep, "they" do everything. thanks ha. hope ur good.

peter: i did! :-D

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