Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Addressing my “Full Moon”

full moon

So near…and yet so far.
I hope you stop hiding from the shadow of tree.



“Bullet the blue sky”

Yesterday, I got an email from my cubicle mate. Yes, we email each other even though we’re just three steps away. She said, “Please open your e-mail”. It was way passed 6 in the evening and she was about to leave the office. She just had a brief meeting with D'Boss. I got curious so I immediately obliged. The subject of the email said: “SAVE THE DATE: We’re Getting Married!”

I was stunned for awhile. I knew that she’s engaged and that she’s planning to get married but I never thought it would be this soon. But instantly, I felt happy for her. The groom is also from the office (from a different unit) so I’ve seen how their relationship bloomed and grew into something that is beyond anybody’s expectation. I call them the “cool couple”. Both of them are kind-hearted people, and have good reputations in the office for being hardworking and considerate. I am more close to the girl because she’s been my cubicle mate for the last four years and we can talk pretty much anything and everything under the sun. Well, not everything but I am comfortable talking to her.

Here’s the sad part. I won’t be able to make it to her wedding. I told her: “Why this date? I mean, out of the many dates why did you choose this?” The thing is, my cousin (who’s dear to me) will get married on the same day and I have to fly to Tacloban to be one of her secondary sponsors.

Oh well. But really, I was happy to see that my cubicle mate will no longer bear her maiden name. Good for her. :-D


mr. brightside said something to me that i might not forget for the rest of the week. he told me: "pain is but for a moment; regret echoes to eternity."

mr. brightside has a funny habit this week. for 3 days straight. i wonder what's going on in his head.


Ferdz said...

yay! Me regular entries na ulit si Rayts :D Congrats on your cubicle mate's wedding. I love full moons :D

my gulch said...

yay! thanks Ferdz! for always dropping by. we both love full moons. :-)

Photo Cache said...

i totally love your title. it inspires me to write (kahit alang talent).

my gulch said...

photo cache: and your comment inspired me. hehe. of course you have the talent! :-)

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