Tuesday, January 12, 2010

L'heure bleue (The Blue Hour)

the blue hour

Each morning, evening—
Neither full daylight;
neither complete darkness.
But today was special.
flowers are at their best
because they snivel in peace—
and in grace they shouted:
“Hell, it’s heyday once again!”




"Running to stand still"

I’ve encountered two “special” people this week. Special because what they think and what they say matters to me. A woman and a man—

The woman is someone I look up to because of how differently she views life and people in general. Her principles always prod me to question my own. She’s one hell of a bum, but a good one. What a waste of time for me is a treassured moment for her. She’s a cultured and well bred woman. She loves her freedom. The other night we talked about relationship, having kids, having a family. I’ve known her for almost a decade now but I’ve never realized how in that one particular instant, we belong in both ends of the pole. She told me, she doesn’t see herself having kid/s or being married to someone.

The man is special in the sense that I envy his attitude and his perseverance. His optimism strikes me as something outlandish but realistic. He’s my total opposite and yet I respect what he has to say. So anyway, we “talked” yesterday…our longest one if I am not mistaken. Often, it’s he who talks, yesterday was a different story—an explosion of the mind, an exchange of ideas, lessons learned. He is one person that makes a lot of sense.


Photo Cache said...

first off - fab photo.

secondly, it's always nice to know people a little deeper than the surface. either they totally amaze you or disappoint you, still great to see what lies beneath the veneer.

my gulch said...

photo cache: first off--thanks! secondly, yes you're right. what's more amazing is how one is able to discover more things about the people you thought you already knew. i guess, we discover new things everyday.

豆漿: in most cases, yes. necessity is the mother of invention. one is always bound to find a way.

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