Thursday, January 14, 2010

No “soft ripples” today

smooth ripples

We come and go like ripples in a stream...



“Trip through your wires”

For the last two days, “people” have been coming and going into my boss’ cube and for the last two days I could hear a conundrum of emotions pouring in—people asking for advice. Where the hell am I? For awhile, I thought I was in a psych’s office. “Okay guys, consultation hour is over!” I wanted to shout out. My boss has instantly become a shrink. Okay, it’s not my fault that I hear them. Their voices are overpowering my music. What’s going on in the world?

In as much as I wanted to give a lady-gaga-poker-face attitude, I could not. I hate the fact that it’s taking over Bono’s voice. U2 sound wickedly awful with that kind of murmur in the background. So I took off my earphone and went with the flow. I was pretending to be busy with "other" things but I was all ears.

Patient #1: “Bakit kailangan nila kaming singilin sa ganoong paraan?” (this was followed by a yowl).

Patient #2 “Yan naman ang nagiging problema sa mundo kapag walang balanse,” (said in a spiteful tone).

Again, what's going on with the world? Can't this people find a better place to vent?

Afterwhile, I could not bear it anymore. I went back to my own world. Happy to hear Bono singing again...


mr. brightside...for the fourth day. i should make him a poem. looks like he is exceeding my expiration. what is wrong with this equation: me + gown + wedding = funny. hmmm.

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