Monday, February 22, 2010

Smile though your heart is aching

smiley food

Smile even though its breaking.



Anonymous said...

i'm following ur lead here.


my gulch said...

lalo ata akong na-sad dun ah. Crim, have you seen the movie, Vday? meron isang scene dun na nakaka-mellon colie. hay. but it made realize something. something which i never thought i would do. but i will. i will really come down to that strategy.

Anonymous said...

i ran a knife thru my palm kasi and let the blood out.

figure of speech. i forced myself to see somethings that burned my heart coz i thought it is the best way to get over some hang-ups. i thought kaya ko na. hindi pa pala. some long-buried emotions were exposed.

yap. napanood ko two weeks ago. ano na-realize mo? naloka ako sa storyline nina eric dane at bradley cooper (super obsessed pa naman ako ke bradley cooper hahaha)


my gulch said...

okay i get you. at least you're discovering. part of your "healing process".

i realized that i should have done something even before. things that i thought i could not do because of this so called "pride". i am still in the "convincing" stage.

ay oo. kaloka. parahes tayo. i like bradley cooper A LOT. tapos ganun pala yung twist sa story niya. haha. kaloka. lalo na yung scene nila ni eric dane.

Photo Cache said...

now i'm sad :(

my gulch said...

photo cache: don't be. bisyo lang 'to. these are the things you need to get over with as soon as possible,'ll end up in the drain. :-)

pieterbie said...

This is great, so funny!

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