Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That sleek-looking, carbon bronze thing

that sleek-looking carbon bronze thing

When I came home last weekend at LB, I was greeted by this sleek-looking, carbon bronze Honda City in front of our house. There was no plate yet except a tag that says which branch the car was bought. So after years of longing and wanting, my brother had finally bought a new car. Did I say new?

So anyway I immediately checked the stance. I don’t know anything about cars but by the looks of it, I loved what I was seeing. I love the color too. I thought it was all rustic and brown but my brother said it is “carbon bronze”. I checked it in the Honda website and he was right. That is what they call it.

My brother is a seaman and most of the time he is out of the country so my mother had often argued with him on the idea of buying a car. “Who will drive that when you’re not around?” she scowled. “A second hand is not a bad idea.” I was just listening to them. But at the back of my mind I was screaming out loud: “Me, me, me! I will drive it!” But then again, I don’t even know how to drive. Geezus.

Except for my brother, the only one in the family who knows how to drive a car and has a license is my younger sister. But she’s all bucolic. She took driving lessons two years ago and got her license there after but because she doesn’t own a car, she could not practice what she knew. Besides, I don’t trust her driving skill yet. But compared to me, she's an A-minus.

So finally, I had the guts to tell them what’s on my mind. “I will take driving lessons!” They all gave me the weird look. And I don’t blame them. First of all, I am not good with directions; I get lost easily. Second, I am clumsy most of the time. Third of all, I am far from being vigilant. Fourth of all, I am easily rattled. There are more of that but I could not think right now. So what I am basically saying here is that, I have all it takes NOT to be a good driver and they knew it.

I learned early on that one of the main reasons why my brother bought a new car was because he hates waiting and riding a taxi from the airport to the bus terminal going to Laguna. He usually takes the late flight (sometimes, a red eye even) so it’s but natural that he is pissed when he had to commute all the way to LB from the airport and he’s all but tired and suffering from a jet lag. He would yank at my mother saying, “Look we’ve been waiting here forever. This is why I wanted a car! So what my mother would usually do is to rent the van of our neighbor (including the driver) for 2000 pesos just to fetch my dear brother to the airport. So that he wouldn’t get pissed. :-D

“So Kuya, I will take driving lessons and get a license so that I could send and fetch you to the airport anytime that you like!” He was in a good mood. I was excited. We both get our ends that way.

Driving lessons will start…March. (*crossing my fingers*)



Anonymous said...

wow! magd-drive na si rayts!!!
bilisan mo na matuto para karera tayo. hahaha


my gulch said...

sige. sana lang wag akong patayin ng utol ko pag ginawa ko yan. si Oki din mag-aaral na mag-drive this March. hehe.

boniourkee said...


Photo Cache said...

naku may pang lakwatsa ka na. that's a really nice car, honda pa, reliable and fuel efficient.

good luck on your driving lesson. kaya mo yan.

TM tots said...

yes, get a driving lesson and after that practice... of course don't forget the license. essential....

i would really like the idea that someone will take the wheel when we decide to do some road trip.

I am now at the point of my life where I want to be the passenger na lang. Go to a good school ok. and be careful because, one learns from all the little glitches in life.... anyways just in case you need a driving buddy, drop me a message. I'll help you out.

luthien said...

'teh, good luck ha. wag mo munang pagpraktisan yang honda ng kuya mo at baka magasgasan, hihimatayin ka sa presyo ng pagpapaayos dahil honda mataas ang presyo ng parts compared sa toyota and others. hahaha. seriously though, sa apec ka mag-practice driving. dun ako natuto. ngayon kaskasera na ako sa maynila. true ka dyan, mahirap magdrive pag pangit ang sense of direction mo.

Andrea said...

Congratulations for your new car. di ba pareho tayong walang direksyon, sabi ng ex mauubos daw ang gasolina e hindi pa rin nakita pupuntahan. So you must save much for gasoline ha! Malawak ang APEC and IRRI grounds for driving lessons, dun ako nag-aral ng 2 hr for 2 Sat. Nakauwi naman ako sa garahe sa PH but i cannot do it again! Sana isakay mo ako, i've been known to be a brave first passenger, maski car maski motor, etc.

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