Friday, January 29, 2010

The message

message from the window

We usually get them from a bottle after being thrown into the vast sea hoping that sometime, somewhere at the other end of the world, someone might find and read it. But that’s only in the movies.

I got mine from a window while watching the sun goes down, leaving its saffron streaks on my face.



Photo Cache said...

that is true, true, true.

i subscribe to that 100%.

Sidney said...

I is true ! :-)

pieterbie said...

And it is a very important message, seems to me.
I prefer your way, nicer than any old bottle.

Ira Hey said...

ate rayts, your photography and poetry together are undeniably captivating, at the least, for me.

my gulch said...

photo cache: i love the word "agree" and i love it when people "agree" to what i have to say. 100% agree is far more better. thanks! :-D

sidney: why thank you.

peter: yea, it's readable this way too. thanks.

ira: wow naman. thanks!

Andrea said...

Masyadong madrama!

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