Monday, July 12, 2010

I try to look up as much as I can

these days, people tend to ask, always ask. often i am caught unguarded, not being able to say something. not because i lack the facility to answer back but mainly because i chose NOT to. i think that is the unwritten rule of the be silent.

…hoping to see a different perspective, hoping that in that angle I will forget.



Missing “their” company
Today is the second week. I will never be used to this empty ‘space’. There used to be so much warmth and sound. I missed bumping into someone and greeting them with so much oomph. Now it was all too quiet and solemn. I’ve gotten (so) used to their faces and company, now I look around and see nothing but gaps and unspoken verves. The office looks miserable without them. Heck, I miss my friends.

Mr. Brightside your shine never ceases
You and I

We might be strangers
How ever close we get sometimes
Its like we never met ~ wilco

Your influence rubs off like a glue. It sticks, it lingers. I' am scared that one day, you will leave too (or me, for that matter) and I've gotten used to such presence and 'closeness' that I do not know what to do if I call and you won't be there to answer. You always say the right things at the right time even the right words to say. Always safe, nonetheless sincere. There is no room for assumption but my mind always plays tricks on me. I will wait for the day. I made a deal two months ago. I will keep my part of the bargain even if it means, forever losing you.

I hope the trip pushes through. I hope. I need sometime away. Fate, be my alliance. Be on my side. Grant me this, just this one.


pieterbie said...

It must be hard feeling lonely.
Wish I could be with you to comfort you.
But it is a little far :-)

my gulch said...

one will never get used to it, i guess. but reading your comment is already comforting, Peter. thanks! :-)

Andrea said...

I am always here for you, but you don't like me!

I don't feel being alone, even with the empty space, i love the void!

my gulch said...

i know! and it's good to know that you're there. i've gotten used to the "empty space" until...well, the space was filled again. but different from the first, hence the bigger void.

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