Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If I scoop clouds in my hands and give it to you…

these days, people tend to ask, always ask. often i am caught unguarded, not being able to say something. not because i lack the facility to answer back but mainly because i chose NOT to. i think that is the unwritten rule of the game...to be silent.

...will you love me?



Andrea said...

filtered? or photoshop?

my gulch said...

nah. not photochoped, no filter used. promise. manual mode but i set the cam in vivid image, hence the thick color. pero ate nidz, super blue talaga ang langit sa Davao del Norte nang araw na kinuha ko ang shot na ito. love the cloud formation. :-)

pieterbie said...

Yes, I will :-)
It does have a "grey"-filter look about it, but obviously that does not mean a grey filter was used.

my gulch said...

thank you. but the chance of scooping some clouds and bringing it to Belgium is (very) slim. :-) no, i didn't use any filter but i brought my CPL with me.

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