Monday, October 18, 2010


can i really find you if i wear them?

Between the dusk of a summer night
And the dawn of a summer day
We caught at a mood as it passed in flight
And we bade it stoop and stay.
And what with the dawn of night began
With the dusk of day was done... ~ W.E. Henley


Once, I have told a friend how fascinated I am with clouds. Not everyone likes the clouds, I said. Most of them would be fascinated with the blue sky but the sky would be (terribly) dull without the clouds. He couldn't agree more. I do not know if he was amazed by what I just said or was totally bewildered as to why I had suddenly revealed such insight when we never even talk. Everything started with the clouds. Dusk was just a backdrop.


I do not know if I should tell someone a secret or not. Just for the purpose of making him (more) sensitive about the other person's feeling. But then again, I would break a promise if I did that. Should I? I just felt the pang of pain when he mentioned his name to her. Suddenly, I felt helpless for her. God, I wish I could do something for that friend.


Photo Cache said...

Uy may resurrection pla tong blog mo, so glad!

No don't tell the secret. It is not yours to tell.

my gulch said...

it usually does resurrect if the owner is bugged and has no social life except staring and overanalyzing things while killing herself over mugs of black coffee. it's raining here now (they call it typoon, I call it a natural occurence).

yea. i won't tell. i was just toying with the idea. i just hate seeing my friend being hurt by an "innocent" remark. secrets...they are just difficult to bear sometimes. hey, thanks for checking and dropping by. this blog won't be going anywhere (at least for now).

idjang said...

secrets. darn those secrets. hehe.


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