Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It’s raining here and I am catching 40 winks

it was raining when I saw you. i should have not brought my umbrella.

I love rainy days. Not because I am trying to be sentimental and poetic. I just love the feeling. Some of the really memorable things in-my-not-so-exciting-life happened when it was raining and it’s funny because I could remember them so vividly. As vivid as the number of teardrops that fell on the tiles of our bathroom every time I pour my heart's out.

“Catch 40 winks” …I just had to use this idiomatic phrase. I love its literary meaning.


Watching Some Kind of Wonderful and Mrs. Winterbourne brings so much memories.



Photo Cache said...

its the slowing down of pace of living that i love about rainy days. it's the unhurried steps toward the couch. it's the sigh released from every sip of hot cocoa. it's the quietness of the world - who suddenly felt like it needed to hush to listen to the rain drop.

my gulch said...

exactly as you said it, photo cache. =)

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