Monday, October 11, 2010

It’s funny how everything and anything reminds me of you...

kape lang ang naguugnay sa ating dalawa kaya kung ako ang papipiliin gugustuhin kong uminom ng kape habang-buhay

...including a 16 oz. of Figaro’s piping hot brewed coffee.




...been out the past few days. 3 weeks of overtime is no joke. every bit of me is aching (physically). i've been having this cough and colds for two weeks now and i am growing sick and tired of it. people must have gotten used to hearing me "bark!" geesuz.

...yesterday, i went out to have a date with myself. i wanted to spend the whole Sunday visiting bookstores, watching a great film and enter a coffee shop doing nothing but watching the people passing by. that's the old me. i enjoy doing these things. i did and it was nice. i visited powerbooks (they have a new outlet at the other building of megamall, a smaller one, i like their old place though). i planned on buying a really nice book but opted not to because i am afraid that i wouldn't be able to read the other books in my shelves which are begging to be read. i also went to see Ben Affleck's The Town which was surprisingly good. I wanted to watch Eat, Pray, Love but the time wasn't conducive. I did stay inside a coffee shop, just watching people's shoes. I sipped and I watched them passed by. shoes. all kinds.

...tomorrow i have to be in Pampanga for another mind-numbing meeting on biotechnology. i had to fill in for my boss. i miss my cube. i wish i am just in my cube for the next few days. i miss travelling. never on official business.

...i miss being on top of a mountain. i miss the cold air there.

... i dread christmas.

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