Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Look what I found from a heap of crumpled papers

I just love it when people give me a book as a gift. I usually treasure it.

Dax gave me the EPL book. And he sent it in a very creative Russian-doll-like-wrapping-kind-of way. A white big box; inside was a heap of crumpled papers from which I found a smaller box which, as you’ve guessed, was also full of crumpled papers and underneath was the book covered in onion skin. I kinda knew that Dax would give me the book simply because I asked him for it but what surprised me was how he packaged the gift. Interesting. If he’s done it to the girl he likes, that girl would probably be smitten.

Anyway, Dax was supposed to come with us to watch EPL a week ago but he said he has “a date” – a previous commitment, I should say. Anyway, I told him the company was great but the movie was awful. “You actually didn’t miss any thing, Dax!” But Miks said, I should have read the book first. “There are nice materials in the book that you’ll be able to appreciate only by reading it.” So I (kindly) asked Dax to give me a book as an early Christmas gift. He happily obliged which quite surprised me. Hehe. Dax is easy to sway and he has the tendency to spoil his friends—a nice thing to have if you are one of his so called “friends”. So that’s how I got the book from a heap of crumpled scratch. =)


Miks, PC and I went to dinner last night at Pen-Pen in Tomas Morato. As we were passing by the lighted streets, I suddenly learned that Christmas is fast approaching. There were lights. Lotsa lights. When we finished our dinner, I asked them if we could walk the few miles before getting a cab home. As we were walking, a cold, wintry gush of air met us. Brrr. It was cold. Then I retorted: “I dread Christmas!” PC said: “Don’t say dread. It’s such a strong word.” Okay… I fear Christmas .

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Christmas - & being home during - is what keeps me upright and breathing.



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