Monday, January 31, 2011

Watching you walk away is like anticipating a shortcoming

This was taken from a high place looking down the Diura Beach in Batanes. We were looking our way to the beach when I spotted this man traversing through the water. It was low tide that day and so it was easier to catch fish.

The only difference is that, anticipating a shortcoming is (much) easier to do.

It’s true what Peyton Sawyer once said, “People always leave”. And it’s more difficult if you are the one being left behind or the one watching the other person leaves. That has always been the case. I wonder what it feels to be the one leaving. I hope you find what you're looking for because right at this moment, I may not be that vocal about it, but I already miss you (like hell). I had to get used to it. Talking to myself (at night).


“Ang cute cute kase. One of my fondest memories of you. =)”


we had a meeting a moment ago and the boss asked us if we could do a bible study once a week for spritual nourishment. if he had asked me about this last year, i would have run, never to be seen again. but because of a few certain things that i've been pondering on lately, i reckoned that, one should never be conclusive on things. justine bieber said: "never say never!"


pieterbie said...

what a superb photo!
and it matches your title just perfectly

my gulch said...

thanks Peter. i get lucky sometimes. i get say it all in one image. =)

Photo Cache said...

this is my point exactly - i never want to be the one left behind.

on the other hand, if you are the one leaving you'd find a foreign land when you decide to return. experience speaks.

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