Monday, February 14, 2011

Roses are so overrated (and so is V-day)

roses are given to those who desire them, definitely not out of pity or consolation.

Some girl asked this guy if he could bring a rose to give to this girl who was then celebrating her birthday. The guy knew the implication of what the girl was asking and felt awkward about it. He knew better. So on the day of the girl's birthday, he did not bring a rose.


Today is V-Day and it is also Etch's birthday. Yearly, we've been celebrating her birthday together with our other single friends, usually we go to a coffeeshop and talk until the day is over. A few minutes ago, we were at Conti's. Etch treated us for a nice, sumptous dinner. There we were, the five of us -- all single and happy. As we were about to start our meal, a lady from Conti's approached us and gave each one of us a long stem red rose. Hence, a rose on V-day.


This morning I dreamt of Oki. I woke up feeling really bad. I could not remember the details of my dream (as I often do) all I know is, it was about Oki. I guess I just miss her. Her laugh most specially. =(

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Photo Cache said...

never been big on valentine's day. but i'm always thankful for roses on any occassion.

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