Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Direction, not intention dictates destination

.There are times when you miss someone so bad but you could not do a single thing about it. You continue to be a bystander in his life. Just looking, always looking from afar.

Intention wanes and (often) changes. But once you set your direction on something, you must follow it. There's no one, distinct path to your goal but you are bound to choose which way to go. I am determined to go there (no matter what).

I don't usually get envious about something. Not with money or material stuff. But last night, as I was looking at a photo of this girl in Nami Island, I felt the urge to be there. Suddenly, I felt like going there as well--the same feeling I had for Angkor Wat a few years back. It's more of a "need" rather than a simple want to be in that place. I feel like I ought to be there as well. No other reason, I just need to go there. I am crossing my fingers on this one. I hope my savings are enough to back me up.

4 days and counting...i hope i will reach the end.


Photo Cache said...

you got me thinking. you are such a deep soul.

Anonymous said...

that's me!


my gulch said...

yes! =)

pieterbie said...

I can understand you, it looks like a great place to be.

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