Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sometimes you think too much that you miss out on the important details

you shimmer like the first morning light

I was awakened by a deafening silence. I searched for the clock and it said 3:30 AM. I remembered closing my eyes at around 2 AM and my mind went on “monkey-hunting” again—wondering from places to places, only to end up to this lingering image…yours.

In the photo: Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor


[random thoughts...]

I was a bit rude to MB (or so I think). I felt he was reaching out to me but I was busy with feeling "toxic" that I did not care enough. "Kamusta ka na?" he asked. "Ahm, okay lang." I replied. Then he asked again, "are you really okay? parang hinde eh." He was right, I felt ill that day. I hate saying it but he reads me so well.

If every thing works out well, I will be in Beijing in November. I've been dreaming of Badaling. Hopefully I get to "walk in to these great walls".

I have been stonewalling again. =(

I have been thinking on the idea of buying a prime lens but there's just too many expenses to consider first. I want a new TNF backpack.

October 25--> a date I should remember.


idjang said...

Beijing!? Wow!
Lucky lucky.

my gulch said...

haha. It would be a big "wow" if it's Nice or Sicily. =) but really, i have been imagining myself in between those Great Walls. I researched already, it will be a two-hour trip from the hotel. =( sana, sana i will have the chance. and you? where to?

idjang said...

2-hour?? ang lapit lang! naku, take advantage of it all na. me? sitting tight and going nowhere. hahaha.

my gulch said...

parang LB lang no? i will definitely go there by hook or by crook. naisip ko lang, official trip has this way of ruining your scheds. short time lang kase yung trip e. anyway layo pa naman. long way to go.

the (Dumaguete)group is planning a backpack trip abroad. parang it will be a yearly activity na, haha. I suggested Vietnam kase napaka-rich sa culture (although i've been there thrice na, hehe)

idjang said...

that's nice. can i come? hahahaha! pramis i'll come this time.

my gulch said...

of course! =)

pieterbie said...

Golden photo!

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