Friday, September 23, 2011

If I touch your hand, would you avoid it?

i dream of touching your hand

Once, you told me about this girl who tried to hold your hand and how in an effort not to hurt her feelings, you change the topic of your conversation and avoided touching her hand. And then you asked me, wondering why after that incident, “di na siya nagparamdam”. Sa isip ko lang, "manhid ka ba or nagpapansin lang?" Then I felt (sorry) for the girl.


[random thoughts...]

I miss going to my favorite bookstore. It's too far from the office and the only thing I could do after work is go home and pray that I would be able to sleep (earlier) than usual. My body has been aching for ENOUGH sleep. But this stupid brain is monkey-hunting again.

I overshoot my expenses last month, hence the need to deprive myself of the "luxuries" -- I want new books, a new prime lens, a new watch, and a new backpack. blah. dream on!

I miss having coffee with myself. =/ I miss singing in a videoke with my friends. I miss Korean food.

I wanted to watch the DFF Concert. I wanted to see Sunshine Corazon sing live. Bullocks, they have overpriced the tickets. Was it because Michael Bolton was in it? Bleh. Antayin ko na lang sa youtube, hehe.

I received my official invitation from China yesterday. Hmm.


Photo Cache said...

I can't tell if that hand is from a child or not.

pieterbie said...

I wish for you to find a way to get all the stuff you desire.

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