Thursday, May 30, 2013

I have been waiting for “it” to fall…

There are things in life that no matter how hard you try to keep to yourself and to others will eventually show. No amount of mastery can keep one’s face from being stoic all the time especially if your heart is crushed. I've tried it once and found a tear dropping without me knowing it. As a child, I grew up shy and undemonstrative (almost to the point of lying to myself). I worry when someone observes me. I get paranoid when someone knew what goes in my brain.  What goes in my head is my business so I always have to keep a cool face. 


dearest droplet,

You continue to rock my world. I have watched you and waited for you to fall, but you did not. You hanged in that old, wet trunk for too long. My feet got tired, my hands went numbed but you kept your stance. You never gave in. And just when I have decided to give up, to leave…in a wink of an eye, you dropped. Just like that. You could have warned me you know. I wanted you drop on my hand. I wanted to save you.

still in awe,
the girl who likes to wait

I got a call this morning for a writing project. Yes, they will pay me. Tempting but my deadlines are way over the top :-( Crazy deadlines.

I have a crazy idea in my head. Three letters: PhD. And then a more crazy idea. Two words: Comparative Literature. Geezus, I should lessen my caffeine in take. I am having sleeping problems again. Two weeks in a row!


pieterbie said...

you should take better care of yourself

Louisette said...

Have a nice day, lovely Blog

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