Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Girls clad in their school uniforms

I suddenly miss my high school days. I had my fun times then. Studying in a school ran by Catholic nuns and priests is no way to spoil the fun. But even then, I wasn't that much of a social type (or was I?). My 'closest' friends are often limited to 2-3 people. Often times, I have two closest friends. Three is a crowd I know. But the advantage is that, when one gets upset you'll have another to count on. But when they fight, I get easily caught up in the middle (which happens a lot).


They always come in THREE. Students from Florentino Torres High School register their names.


They always like to sit together. They have glued themselves together that they come in unison even when they laugh and applaud with the crowd. Even the lengths of their hair are in harmony.


Whatever the case, they like smiling for the camera. Yea, even when she's holding two pieces of carrots in her hands. Gotta love those smiles.


A pretty jeune fille. Guess who's face I am aiming for?


I have been updating my other photoblog (aminus3 account) which has been on a hiatus for the last three months. It has come to my attention that I need to update it (before the admin totally get rid of it). And since I've got a handful of photos to post, I said why not. I know I have already a handful of (photo) blogs to update but then, this is one of my (annoying) habbits that I just can't get out of my system--starting something and forgetting about it. Anyway, the aminus3 account is mostly photos. You'll be spared with the long, nonsensical blabbers.


pieterbie said...

Hey, wow, I love that girl's smile in the third photo. The girl in the last photo, the one in front smiling, reminds me a bit of a young Chinese friend of mine.Just a bit. But I guess my Chinese friend is a bit older (18) and her nose is narrower.
I hope I'm not insulting by comparing with Chinese.
Very good contrast in these photos.
The school uniform is nearly a thing of the past here in Belgium. A few conservative catholic schools still oblige uniforms. I don't think that is the case in my hometown anymore. What you do see is that some young girls actually dress in uniform, form a sort of troup or gang, that wear blue plead skirts, socks that pull up to just under the knees and plain blouses. But they just like the 'young sexy schoolgirl'-look, because their skirts are really short. It is a great dress up act, though, seeing them on the platform at the station I would think that it really is their school uniform. But I don't think conservative catholic schools would appreciate skirts that short, that is the giveaway.

iskoo said...

ako din bigla kong naalala ang high school days. alam mo ba yung kanta na tungkol sa HS? naku nakakaiyak nung graduation

darrix said...

Reminds me of my High School days in Cebu ;) Lovely girls, and nice pictures too :)

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