Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am sailing...


I won’t be here for the next two weeks (or more).

I know some of you already know where I am heading so, no need to elaborate. I hope to be back in one piece. Save a slice of cake for me. I’ll treat you to a drink when I come back. Ciao!



pieterbie said...

This is great: "All that water and none to drink".
Love it the little boat in the sea.
Good texture in the water as well.
I'm really going to miss you, you know!
Take care!

kyels said...


Salamat sa pagdaan sa site ko. Yes, I do understand Tagalog ( a little bit ) as I am still learning it by myself.

It's morbid when blatant thoughts hit us, di ba? Can't really avoid it either. Anyway, ingats po, wherever you're going. I'll be waiting to read more of your future posts.

Off topic; I've never seen Jericho's posters here before. It's hard to even find decent OPM CDs. Talaga! Opo, the song was sung by Carol Banawa and Jericho Rosales.


Ferdz said...

Wow! The ocean looks so vast here and that tiny speck of a boat.

ENjoy your trip sa C and V ha! Looking forward to your shots there.

Tien said...

no idea where you are going off to, but see you around in two weeks time!

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
Great water shot Rayts and the sheer expanse of this image is so inviting like a isolation one can only dream of.
Don't know where you're going but hope you go safely!
Don't know when you'll return but hope you come back in good spirits!
Come in peace and come back in one piece 8) Sorry I ate the cake....

Toe said...

Hey, make sure you contact me when you're in pp so we can meet ha. I'll e-mail you my phone so you can text me. :)

That's an overwhelming photo of the ocean. Beautiful!

Sidney said...

Glad to see that I am not the only one who takes long vacations...! ;-)
I guess Toe spilled the beans ! ;-)
Bon voyage! Have fun!

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