Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'll put them into writing and I will make it my slogan


"Don't ever be someone's slogan. Because you are poetry."

~ Gwen Cummings (28 days)

Does that quote make sense to you?

Out of boredom, I watched Sandra Bullocks' 28 Days and in the film, what she said to Andrea sticks to my head so badly that I kept saying it (without really knowing what it meant).

...what's wrong with being "someone's slogan"?

...what's wrong with being second's best?


Sometimes, I just think that I don't deserve anything that is good. Guilty is the word.


My heart was just palpitating this morning. It won't stop skipping a beat. Dug, dug, dug, dug!


The woman in the photo, I saw her squating on the street while I was in Rizal Park the other week looking for interesting people and things to shoot. She was just there and I stood some feet away from her. I think I lingered too much because people were already starting to look my way. I was happy that she never did look my way, not even a glance. Enough for me to take a couple more shots. She was writing something so I stood at her back but found nothing on her notebook. Maybe she's making a poetry. Better yet, a slogan. I wish I have waited more.


Toe said...

Ang dami mong palaisipan Rayts!

Grabe... you really are interested in people. It shows in your works.

kyels said...

The photo tells a story; in a way.


pieterbie said...

Intresting in this photo is that the ground had some shapes, integrated in it, some decorations, makes it more attractive.
I cannot remember why, but I missed 28 days. I'm sure I had an opportunity to see it a while ago, but I never did.
You are very observant and you think about your subject. Myself, I'm more attracted by visual stimuli, I don't think so much. But then, I'm a man :-)

Sidney said...

You definitely think too much ! ;-)

Why torture yourself when life will do it for you?
-Author Unknown-

My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.
-Cary Grant-

I think this woman is someone lost in her own mind and in the big city that is called Manila.
I would have (probably) started a conversation with her and I am pretty sure she would have enjoyed the company.

my gulch said...

i try to divert people's attention (intentionally). it makes one think the most important things, out of the most mundane surrounding we live in. thank you for taking a big part in this endeavor!

it does. i hope to god it does.

the shapes are actually part of the flooring design which is weird because it's near the public highway and she sees on it like it was her house. i don't think you are missing a lot from NOT being able to watch 28 Days. I thought it was an "awful" film. awful in my own standards of course. i know i can be very observant if i want to, but naturally, i don't think i am.

I know, I know. but i always think I am saying the obvious. i guess not. i dunno if she's one to be called "someone lost in her own mind" although i know what you mean, we have a lot of those everywhere. but i could also be "someone lost in her own mind"...

yea, you would have started conversing with her. you strike me as the friendly type. :-D

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