Monday, June 16, 2008

Tale of the Chucks Addict and the Snow Dreamer

chucks galore

We were doing some 'overhauling' inside the house i.e., fixing things, moving bookshelves, putting unused things inside the box, cleaning inches of dust here and there...and found myself staring at my Chucks. Weird. It's still a wonder to me how I get caught up with things easily; and how my attention can focus on the seemingly trivial things in life, such as my Chucks. You see, I am a fanatic of this shoes. I like wearing them for one. One pair was never enough. I got three of them now and my heart says I need one more. A funky looking one, which I found myself staring at lately at the mall.


I am starting reading one of Gregory Maquire's works, The Dream Stealer. This morning, I went over the first line in the prologue which says: The night is dark, and the wind is high and strong and smells of snow: so gather close around the fire, my little friends, and I will tell you a tale of Baba Yaga the witch.

I stopped reading after the first line and asked myself: How does the snow smell like, anyway?

I've seen snow in the movies, lots of them actually. But I haven't really encountered or felt a real one on my hands. And I find it weird that I have grown so familiar to snow but never really touched it for real. Thus, whenever I read something about the snow, all I could do is imagine. It has become an annoying habit though that because of this urgent need to feel the snow, I would instinctively put my hand inside the freezer and scrape some ice inside it. Then my hands would get numb and I had to stop dreaming altogether again.


pieterbie said...

Snow doesn't smell.
Not like old worn chucks can :-)
We don't get a lot of snow over here, but I used to go skiing in Italy when I was a teenager.
And I have never smelt slow.
Not even when I went down nose first in it.
What do your chucks smell like.
Sorry, little joke, of course, about the chucks.

Anonymous said...

rayts, shave ka lang ng ice, tapos amuyin mo. hehehe.

cute ng chucks ni jun lana no? kasing cute niya :)


ps - havent sent the package yet ha

the donG said...

dami namang chucks! galing ng shot. ako din hindi pa nakakita ng snow. kelan kaya? tiis na nga muna tayo sa freezer natin.

handyfemme said...

Kung may amoy man ang snow, hindi ko maamoy kasi nakabalabal ako lagi ng makapal na scarf. XD My attention is more into how to avoid block ice (yung namuong snow at tumigas na siya kaya super dulas) instead na amuyin ko siya, hehe.

Pero di bale, pag winter aamuyin ko siya for you. :))

Anonymous said...

I've got my tatty black pair of hi tops, I just sold my dark blue ones because I don't wear them and a rather colourful pair of red and green ones. I want red ones, I want to be the photo booth repair man in Amelie! But they're difficult to find apparently when you have feet like an ostrich!

my gulch said...

you're such a funny man.

kung gayon, ang amoy ng snow ay depende sa laman ng freezer namin. uy napansin mo? hehe. onga ang kyut ng Chucks nya. pati porma niya...hehe. pagnasahan talaga. mabango din siya! wah. actually, yun ang una kong napansin, matapos siyang mag-swipe ng samyo niya sa hangin! tungkol sa package, ayos lang Sel, kung kelan na lang pwede, walang problema yun.

onga eh. kinakalyo na ang kamay ko ka-kakaskas ng yelo sa freezer, hahaha!

onga pala, sagana ka nga pala sa dami ng snow dyan no. hehehe. minsan lang nakakatuwang isipin na pwede nating sulatin ang mga bagay-bagay, i-describe ito nang buong-buo at walang pag-aalinlangan sa kabila ng katotohanang hindi pa natin ito nahahawakan. ganun. drama ng epek ko, haha.

my first ever is a red hi-tops, which i still wear until today and it's almost a decade old already. i want a green one and a funky looking one. All Star just release a whole bunch of funky-looking hi-tops.

kyels said...

We have similarities - Chucks! I love them too and one pair was never enough! I love their hi-tops and the grunge designs! Actually, I'm a fan of shoes and my collection is getting larger by ... Day. Joke. Maybe a few months once!


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